As a division of General & Medical Finance Ltd, G&M International are proud to support General & Medical who have signed the Inclusive Behaviours in Insurance Pledge, addressing and combating discrimination in the insurance sector. Diversity comes from race, gender, age, sexuality, disability, religion and cultural beliefs and we want to demonstrate our commitment, recognising inclusive behaviours as the norm and that we accept diversity.

The Inclusivity Pledge has attracted a mass of support showing the insurance profession’s commitment to creating a more inclusive work environment across the sector and is designed to address all forms of potential discrimination. In addition, the pledge also sets out a clear framework of the desired behaviours in the workplace.

To deliver on this vision, we commit to ensuring that, when interacting with our employees, everyone can expect to:

  • be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity
  • be treated in a manner free from discrimination and objectification
  • not be harassed, bullied or victimised
  • be dealt with in an honest, transparent and legal way

We expect the same behaviours from those we work with and will take action to address any circumstances falling below our expectations.

As an organisation, we will take action if:

  • our employees are harassed in any way, either by fellow employees, suppliers, customers or business partners
  • our employees are treated differently or discriminated against due to age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion/belief, gender or sexual orientation
  • there is an abuse of position or seniority, particularly when directed at those more vulnerable or more junior than ourselves

As leaders, we also commit to:

  • regularly communicate on the importance of inclusive behaviours
  • ensure there are significant repercussions for the perpetrators of such behaviour
  • lead by example and ensure all fellow employees in our businesses do the same
  • call out inappropriate behaviour or discrimination, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

We recognise the importance of standing up to discrimination in the insurance sector and that’s why we support this initiative. For more information about the pledge visit: