Due to the level of risk that comes with working in the industry, it is essential that Medical Professionals and Clinics have insurance and undertake regular quality assessments to enable them to operate safely within the market.

The first package of its kind, KeyMed have recognised the need for more than just a basic level of cover, or simple PL insurance. The policies have been designed to protect healthcare establishments and the individual healthcare professionals from liability caused by medical negligence. The product itself is a complete comprehensive package which includes medical malpractice cover, premises and statutory insurance cover, employment & management liability cover, legal & regulatory support and inclusive risk and patient management support.

In the core practice of surgery and clinical support KeyMed offers clinics support for their Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections and registration. Without this accreditation clinics cannot offer their services to the paying public. As well as this, clients have access to KeyMeds legal advice which can be critical as often regulatory oversight brings with it significant legal implications-especially if the clinic has failed a CQC inspection and the registration of the site is in jeopardy.

Working in the medical industry carries greater levels of risk and medical malpractice cases can cost establishments thousands of pounds, therefore it is crucial for establishments to ensure they are fully protected.

KeyMed are a division of General & Medical Finance Ltd who are part of the General & Medical Group, who are long established players in the provision of medical and other specialist insurance services to professionals, businesses and families both within the UK and internationally.

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