ProAmica Ltd

Healthcare Trusts

Through our group company ProAmica Ltd, we offer one of the best levels of service available for the setup and management of Healthcare Trusts, which are increasingly being used by companies who wish to offer their staff healthcare benefits and have acquired the confidence, not to require the protection of traditional insurance.

Healthcare Trusts are therefore generally suited to companies with several years’ experience of a private health insurance scheme, with a low claims ratio. In these instances, substantial savings can be possible compared to traditional fully insured private health insurance schemes and healthcare trusts are not subject to Insurance Premium Tax.

ProAmica deals with all aspects of Trust establishment and administration services. Our experience and expertise will ensure that the claims are managed properly in accordance with the rules of the Trust.

The benefit levels chosen will have a significant impact on the size of the claims fund needed. ProAmica will work with Trust clients to define the benefit levels best suited to the client and their budget. As well as recommending appropriate funding levels and suggesting options for keeping costs down, ProAmica will guide Trust clients through the whole process of:

  • Drafting Trust deeds and rules
  • Nominating trustees
  • Appointing ProAmica as the administrator
  • Setting up a dedicated company trust bank account

Trust Administration

ProAmica’s personalised service sets the standard for the industry and is tailored to the individual needs of each Trust. After helping to establish benefit levels and any limitations under the Trust, ProAmica will deal with all aspects of the Trust Administration on behalf of the client. Client companies are given access to their own secure area of the ProAmica website, to view up to the minute reports on how their Trust is performing and ProAmica staff are on hand to help and advise Trust Members, should they need to make a claim on the Trust.

A Trust can run on a totally non-insured basis but to complement the Trust, General & Medical offer a range of additional services known as Trust Protect. These include a Stop Loss insurance, an Employee Assistance Programme, Worldwide Travel Insurance and Cash Benefits for Trust members should they be diagnosed as suffering from a critical illness.

ProAmica is not just about setting up and administering Healthcare Trusts in the UK, although this is a main core business activity, ProAmica’s reach is also beyond the UK. We work with partners/brokers across the world and act as Third Party Administrators for existing schemes or we develop bespoke admin schemes for other insurers.


ProAmica Ltd is based in the General & Medical office in Peterborough. This enables cross-fertilisation of ideas and information on a daily basis and allows the staff in ProAmica to benefit from the training sessions and knowledge of the General & Medical, Medical Advisory Panel.

Trust Protect

Where a client wishes to benefit from the flexibility of a Healthcare Trust but would like a degree of certainty to overall costs, ProAmica can arrange access to Insured protection covers underwritten by General & Medical Insurance Ltd. These include aggregate stop-loss protection to limit overall costs for the Trust or specific stop-loss protection for single treatment costs.

Private Care Concierge Service

A scheme which is offered to affinity groups and associations and can be added to other non-insurance services. Used by clients who wish to have access to private medical services at the best prices without utilising insurance or Trust services, in these instances, ProAmica arranges the whole treatment package on behalf of the client.

Assistance Programmes

We can add a range of assistance programmes to a Healthcare Trust such as Counselling Services and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s) to name but two.